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Facilities Management (FM)

Our clients are at the very heart of the services we provide

Through our combination of experience and expertise, we provide a variety of Facilities Management services, operating seamlessly from day today. Services that often go unnoticed, but without which vital functionality key to a business’s operation would simply would not be possible. In Addition to standard FM service requirements, SGC also proudly deliver the following range of exceptional services:

Helpdesk Support

A friendly voice at the end of the line when you need it most. Our team of operators are ready and waiting to assist the contract with all eventualities, from ad-hoc or unscheduled deliveries on-site, to major issues out of hours.

IT Support

More and more departments rely heavily on IT, hardware, and software. Our skilled and qualified IT support division is available via our Helpdesk.

Management Services

Our experienced teams are proficient in the total contract management of facilities of all proportions throughout a variety of sectors including education, health care and the finance industry. You can rely on the expertise at SGC to manage your facilities efficiently and on budget.

Health & Safety – Audit

Health & Safety is vital for the smooth running of any operation, why should yours be any different. Leave the paperwork, audits and checks, and training to the experts here at SGC.

CCTV & Access Control

Because we know that security is a priority, our qualified experts offer a wide range of CCTV and access control services suitable for facilities and contracts of all sizes and breadths of requirements.

With our innovative access and door entry systems, coupled with state of the art CCTV and Security alarm systems, your facility can rely on SGC.


Through a combination of strategy and our long-standing expertise, SGC guarantee to endure that your utility targets are met with timely efficiency. We can also ensure that your current utility consumption is efficient and that you are receiving the very best service and costs from your providers.

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